The Growth Process

A framework for growth teams used at Atlassian.

It’s time to gather and share the results of the experiment. Once the experiment has run long enough to gather necessary amount of data, you need to stop it and complete any manual experiment tasks. Also, make sure all users are freed from the cohort.

When the experiment is secured, let the stakeholders know. Now you can have a look at the results.

1. Post-analysis

First run any necessary scripts to generate a report on the primary and secondary metrics. Check if experiment succeeded and analyze possible reasons. List facts you have gathered and provide your interpretation (make sure not to mix these two though). If experiment failed, examine the proportion of users who interacted with it to understand if the problem was in the concept or execution. Look for additional patterns. Based on that all, decide how you want to proceed (iterate on experience, implement it or abandon) and define the next steps.

2. Sharing

Your stakeholders are interested in the final results so include your analysis on a page. Irrespective of if experiment succeeded, it is worth sharing what you have learnt, some possible ways are through a team meeting, blogpost, design digest, fact card etc. Part of growth is evangelizing the process and making sure people understand the value this way of working provides.


Blogpost / Digest / Fact Card


Product Manager and Analyst