Love the app! Can't imagine without it. I can access and edit files on my laptop directly from my phone or my iPad, share a folder with my coworker any time, sync up all my documents, and send large files without worrying about outlook mail size limit. On top of that, the design is just so pretty. Love it!

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I was part of a team that was responsible for a holistic redesign of the award winning Syncplicity iOS app, contributing both as the Lead Designer and a Product Manager on the team.

Syncplicity is an enterprise-grade online file sharing and mobile collaboration solution. It provides users with an experience they love and gives Information Technology professionals the security and controls they need. The Syncplicity iOS app has recently been recognized as best-in-class by both press and analysts. Here are some notable articles:

Download the latest version of the Syncplicity iOS app on the AppStore.

Syncplicity has been recognized as one of the leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. In this seminal report we were ranked as #1 in “Completeness of Vision” and #2 in “Ability to Execute.”

Touted Features

  • Open and view common document types
  • Edit Microsoft Office and annotate PDFs
  • Securely share your files while on the go
  • Favorite files for offline access
  • Access your files from SharePoint and network shares


  • 2014 EMC Presidents Award Finalist
  • 2014 Enterprise App Awards (Productivity)

Design Process

This was a highly collaborative process with many stakeholders, we spent countless hours sketching on the office whiteboards and paper; lots of trees were killed in the making of this app.

Folder Navigation
Folder Navigation
Folder Navigation


If you have any trouble viewing the wireframes download the file and view it locally. This document contains excerpts from multiple designs specs and is not holistic.

View Wireframes
Syncplicity Wireframes

Focus Areas

These are the ares of the product that we spent the most time trying to innovate on.

Folder Navigation

Folder Navigation

Reimagined folder navigation allowing for fast traversal of deep and nested folder hierarchies.

Predictive Analytics

Syncplicity Insights enhances user productivity by automating common mundane tasks on behalf of the user. For example, if a user is in a meeting with 10 other co-workers and takes a picture of the whiteboard, Syncplicity will ask the user if he wants to share the picture with the other meeting attendees.

Syncplicity Insights
File Tracking

Geo-location Tracking

Allows senders of files to track who has downloaded the file, when, where, and how many times. This feature is particularly useful to sales professionals that have a business need to track documents such as pricing proposals to reduce time-to-close.

Multi-location File Copy

Allows users to copy or move files across multiple folder locations in one single action – something that even desktop file operating systems don’t offer. The best part is that the entire user experience is very intuitive and thanks to server-side du-dupe feature it’s extremely fast.

Visual Search

Often times we can’t remember names of files and folders someone has shared with us, but we remember the name of the person who shared it with us. Visual search allows you to tap on the picture of your collaborator to see all the content they have shared with you.

Product Teasers

The best way to get a feel for the app is to view these two short 1-minute video clips.

Productivity Unbound

Love at First Swipe