The application is no longer up and running as Parse has been deprecated by Facebook.

I worked with a friend on Beens as a side project. I designed and launched a beta of the app end to end but had some help on the development side. This was a chance to learn a bit of mobile development and explore platforms as a service. The application was meant to pay homage to the recently closed Secret App. Our pitch was as follows:

I am the Beens app. I help you connect with people around you, friends or strangers, at any event using messages and pictures. You could be at a festival, concert, sporting event or even a business conference.

  • Only people at the event venue can take part in the conversations. No noise from people who are not there.
  • Whatever happens at the event stays at that physical location, so express with freedom. There is no "spilling the Beens with me."
  • No registration. Just install me, and get going.
  • When you are not at an event, I will let you know about what's hot and what's not. If you want me to be at your event, let me know and I'll be there right by your side.

Just one parting thought, I believe freedom to express must be used and never abused.

Design Process

I conducted customer interviews, participatory design exercises, and concept testing when designing the wireframes for the final product.

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Beta Launch

We launched an early version of the app to get customer feedback.


We discovered that although customer feedback was mostly positive we had no engine of growth to acquire new customers. The application relied on network effect to provide value and customer acquisition cost far outweighed expected customer life time value.

This discovery lead us to decide to stop working on Beens as we did not believe a pivot was viable. This was a great learning experience and has motivated me to really be a true believer in finding early adopters.