Lead the redesign of an existing content management product, with the goal of simplifying how small businesses organize, share, and interact with their business data. Was responsible for the overall design of the product including; wireframing, visual language and user validation. Built out the initial prototype of the application and then worked with one other developer to integrate it into the current tech stack, while continuing to iterate on the feature set.

Using a unique technical framework, Acceleredge is designed to solve organizations complex data and document management problems. The web application was completely mobile responsive and optimized to function as a mobile web app.

Using Acceleredge, we have consolidated our tower data and documents and simplified our operations.

Brian Meier COO, Central States Towers

Problem Statement

The three main issues that we were trying to solve were:

  1. Providing the organization a common view of the business
  2. Allow the organization to collaborate around data & documents in a centralized location
  3. Automate common business functionality

Core Functionality

  • Integrate both data and documents
  • Filter and search all records
  • Control user access
  • Create custom reports
  • Develop business rules for data validation
  • Develop financial calculations
  • Generate alerts and send outbound status emails
  • Integrate data with external applications

Design Process

The design process that I follow is:

  1. Conduct user research
  2. Sketch out some concepts
  3. Iterate with the team
  4. Wireframe the final concept
  5. Validate with the customer
View Wireframes

If you have any trouble viewing the wireframes download the file and view it locally.


Here is an initial comp of the new design.

User Interface

We started by looking at the Material design guidelines and Polymer but ultimately settled on Bootstrap. Here is one of the original designs for the project.

Focus Areas

These are the ares of the product that we spent the most time trying to innovate on.


See the information you want, when you want it. Custom dashboards and reports present your data in the way you need it to deliver real business results.



A primary motivator for the redesign was around mobility. We wanted to allow managers to be able to run a report or look up a record while on the go and enable field agents to input new records while on site.

Marketing Site

As part of this project we launched a new marketing site to increase awareness of the product.

View Site