Long story short, I had been using Mixture.io until they shut down last year. Decided to spend some time researching other static site generators, ultimately landing on Jekyll, although I spent a lot of time playing with Docpad and Assemble.

The first version of the site was very basic and did not achieve the desired result. This time around I wanted to spend the time necessary to make sure that I was proud of the final product. Ultimately, Iā€™m pretty happy with the result, but there is still a lot that I want to improve.


  • The site should replace the need for a CV and tell my story
  • Should be clean and straightforward to navigate
  • Act as a digital portfolio

I went back and forth between making a one-page site or having a more traditional information architecture. I ended up deciding that it would be simpler for the user if I kept it more traditional in the long run.

Simple to process

Overly complex

Built With:

I used the following libraries when building this site:

There are still a lot of changes that I want to make with this site, most of them will hopefully come out in the next couple of months.