Patrick Thompson
Product Designer, Web Developer, Entrepreneur.


I study, I design, I code - usually in that order!

My name is Patrick Thompson and I am a Product Designer / Manager living in San Francisco Bay Area. Currently I am the Lead Designer at Syncplicity, working out of Santa Clara. I closely collaborate with other talented product managers, engineers, and customers to build out the leading enterprise sync and share product.

I define and drive the UX strategy through inter-team collaboration, primary research, and iterative design sprints. I also validate hypotheses through end-user testing.

I grew up in Los Angeles, went to school in San Diego but landed in San Francisco. I like traveling, sailing, coffee, Thai food, and craft beer. In my spare time you can find me enjoying the great California outdoors.

I take great pride in what I do and work hard to achieve desired results. As a former college athlete I am disciplined, dedicated, team player who strives to be at the forefront of design. I believe that the user comes first, and everything else will fall into place.


I continue to try to develop and expand my skills and general body of knowledge. I consider my self a life long learner and only feel satisfied at the end of the day if I have learned something new. Therefore, there is probably a lot of skills that I do not have listed, but these are the ones that are most relevant now.

Some of my top skills:
Communication Product Management User Experience Mobile Applications Usability User Research Analytics Web Development Leadership
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Prototyping Tools
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I am a self taught designer whose primarily motivation for learning design was to be able to build amazing products. I am able to combine this with my business background to be able to better articulate and provide actionable designs that solve real user challenges.

MSGL - Global Leadership

Was part of an exceptional cohort from both the private and military sector. Program emphasis was on understanding business from an international perspective of leadership, best practices, and cultural, political, and economic differences. I was able to study abroad in Buenos Aires and learn from very strong business leaders running multi-national corporations, which helped me to understand the modern global marketplace.

BBA - Business Administration, Information Systems

Was part of the University of San Diego Torero Football team, playing all five years, including while I was continuing my education. Choose to get my BAA as it provided me the broadest base for becoming a business professional and a great foundation when entering the workforce. My primary focus was in Information Systems and emerging media, specifically web design and development.


I have been fortunate to work with some great companies solving some very interesting problems.

  • Lead Designer, Syncplicity

    Feb, 2013 - Current

    Joined Syncplicity as a mobile product manager with end to end responsibility of all mobile apps and end user functionality of the web application. Transitioned back into a lead design role with responsibility of all end user facing clients. Worked with multiple designers and teams to maintain design consistency across applications.

  • Co-Founder, Train Heroic

    Mar, 2012 - Mar, 2013

    Co-founded the TrainHeroic platform to enable coaches to provide professionally programmed, sport and user-specific workouts to their athletes. Helped draft the specifications for the digital platform and contributed intimate knowledge into the athletic space. Managed both the design and development team to deliver the product on schedule. Helped raise initial seed round of funding and gain early customer adoption.

  • Product Designer, Hightail

    Jun, 2012 - Feb, 2013

    Primary focus was on expanding current functionality of the three desktop applications. Worked within two agile teams to create a cohesive experience across multiple products. Developed design specifications for developers to execute within an agile release schedule.

  • UX Designer, Skinit

    Apr, 2010 - Jun, 2012

    Worked as an intern while finishing my undergrad. Upon graduation received a full-time offer working as the liaison between the engineering team and marketing. Turned the product roadmap into actionable specifications that could then be developed and executed upon.


Take a look through some of my current and past work.


Transform Data Into Information -

Lead the redesign of an existing content management product, with the goal of simplifying how small businesses organize, share, and interact with their business data.

View Project

Syncplicity iOS 3.0

New iPhone and iPad App -

Was responsible for a holistic redesign of the award winning Syncplicity iPhone and iPad App, contributing both as the Lead Designer and as a Product Manager on the team.

View Project

Train Heroic

Step Up Your Game -

In early 2012, I joined a team reimagining how to deliver professional training programs to athletes and provide coaches with a platform for analyzing performance.

View Project


These are the areas of design I focus on!

Research & Strategy - start with why

I need to understand the user to understand the problem. Through research and ideation, we get an understanding of the user and thereby the business.

User Experience - how does it work

Now that we understand the problem, how are we going to solve it. I create sketches and wirefreames, the simpler the better, to validate the initial premise.

User Interface - how does it feel

After we validated the premise, we focus on what we want to user to feel. We look at the emotional side of design to create a polished and engaging interface.

Mobile App Design

Passion for designing native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows. As well as experience designing hybrid apps using Cordova and Ionic.

Desktop Applications & Add-Ins

I have designed multiple Windows and Mac thick clients, as well as Add-ins for Office and SharePoint to simplify complex enterprise problems.

Web Applications and Sites

I can design and develop your product from concept to fully functioning web application utilizing the latest frameworks and best practices.


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